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The perfect set for those looking to replace their lower irons with clubs that are easier to hit. Everyone is playing a hybrid these days and if you are not you are missing out! Hybrids are more forgiving and easier to hit then your standard lower irons and that is why everyone is making the change. Fine tune your game with a hybrid set and start seeing improvements instantly.

Command BK Hybrids - New look with the same great features that have made them our most popular hybrids to-date. Our exclusive black pearl finish gives these clubs a sleek, stylish look. They come equipped with two rear 6g weights designed to lower the center-of-gravity, increase the MOI (moment-of-inertia) and allow for shot shaping. Read more about the Command BK Hybrids.

Command BK Irons - These irons offer a flush feel at impact to satisfy your needs. And the design goal was to create a deep cavity and fine top line that pushes the weight to the perimeter of the club-face generating a bigger sweet spot. Whether you are hitting the ball square or a little off-center, an ideal ball flight and longer carry is the end result of every shot. Read more about Command BK Individual Irons.

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  • Compare features and performance to the Taylor Made® Dual TP Hybrids & R7 Irons.
  • The standard 3-PW, SW set is sold with a hybrid 3 and 4 (option to replace the 5 with a hybrid) with the remaining irons as per usual.
  • Set includes FREE headcovers for all Hybrid clubs in the set you choose.

Technical Specifications

Club 3h 4h 5h 5 6 7 8 9 PW SW
Loft 19° 22° 25° 25° 28° 32° 36° 40° 45° 55°
Lie 59.5° 60° 60.5° 62° 62.5° 63° 63.5° 64° 64.5° 64.5°
Weight 236g 241g 246g 258g 265g 272g 279g 286g 293g 300g
Volume 107cc 110cc 113cc NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Offset 0 0 0 5.3mm 5mm 4.7mm 4.3mm 4mm 3.7mm 3.7mm
Men's Std. Length 40.5″ 40″ 39.5″ 37.75″ 37.25″ 36.75″ 36.25″ 35.75″ 35.75″ 36.25″
Ladies Std. Length 39.5″ 39″ 38.5″ 36.75″ 36.25″ 35.75″ 35.25″ 34.75″ 34.75″ 35.25″
Shaft and Grip:
learn more
Hybrid & Iron Material:
431 Stainless Steel
Custom Fitting Note:
In order to provide the perfect custom fit for you, a half inch adjustment may be made on all length requests greater than an inch. We do this in order to match your requested flex, since flex in a hybrid shaft is the most important aspect. The end result is the perfect custom fit! We would love to go over any fitting or other questions you may have, so please contact us.

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Nick rated this product on 06/01/13 I'm still trying to get used to the extra 1/2 inch length. I've been using standard length hand me downs for the last 2 years. I like the feel of the clubs they have great weight to them. I really like the hybrids, although I wish the heads were a bit larger for a little more forgiveness.
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Daniel rated this product on 02/28/12 Got these clubs about 3 weeks ago taken them to the range a few times but only played 9 holes. I love the way they feel, although I am still getting used to steel shafts vs my older graphite shaft irons. my only complaint is the finish on the irons is wearing off a lot faster than I thought.
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Chris rated this product on 05/09/11 Let me start by saying that I knew these clubs would not change my game overnight. I'm just not that great of a golfer (yet). However, with that being said the quality of the clubs I received and the buying experience with Gabe was hands down a winner. They arrived when promised and Gabe even followed up to make sure everything was in order and I was happy. I've been able to hit at the range and play 2 rounds with positive results in my scores each time. I do attribute at least some of that to the clubs. The Command BK's hit straight on off-center hits with a slight loss in distance. I'd rather lose some yardage than shank one off into the swamp. The 3-4 hybrids are pretty awesome too. If you are stewing on whether to buy with PM stop now and do it. I will be a returning customer.
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Mark reviewed this product on 06/09/09 Righty? the full set comes in righty, the irons come in righty, but no hybrids in righty? I would buy this set for sure if it came in righty.
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Oli rated this product on 06/01/09 So I've been looking at these clubs for quite some time now. Did TONS of research on what to buy and when to buy it. I finally decided on getting this hybrid set. When I called to order, I was sad to find out that I had to wait a few weeks because the hybrids weren't in yet (the new Tri-port). So I waited, and then called and spoke to Tommy. He did a GREAT job at making me highly satisfied! Not only did he take my order and make it easy, but he was able to get me the set before they were put on-sale on the site! The shipping arrived on the exact day as promised, and I've loved them since! As for the clubs themselves, they are absolutely awesome! Yes, they scratch easily and won't maintain that pure blackness forever, but they are worth it! They play very well and highly forgiving. I was playing with a 1970's set of blades, so this transition was needed badly. Overall, I'm super happy that I went with these clubs instead of paying the same price for used name-brands. I'm always against paying for a name, so these clubs are perfect! Much Kudos to you all at PMG!
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 22 in total