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Hybrid combo sets are becoming more and more popular in golf. The combination of hybrids to replace the lower 3 & 4 irons mixed with your regular irons are the route to go if you are like most golfers and struggle with the harder to hit 3 & 4 irons.

The PGX Hybrids (3 and 4) are the latest release from Pinemeadow Golf. The PGX Hybrids are cast from 17-4ph Stainless Steel and utilize Variable Face Thickness technology. The center of the hybrid face is 2.75mm thick with surrounding area thickness measuring 2.25mm to 2.05mm. The PGX Hybrids will be recognized as a hybrid wood design that has a stealth crown finish and a gloss PVD sole and matte PVD face. Tested by our best golfers, the PGX Hybrids are receiving awesome reviews !

The PGX Irons pair well with the PGX hybrids. The PGX Irons are cast from 431 Stainless Steel and utilize a wide Power Chamber behind the face facilitating a trampoline effect at impact. When you combine the Power Chamber with the wide sole design the result will be a higher ball flight with considerable distance. The mirror finish and the impact dampening medallion make this club look just incredible.


  • The hybrid set includes a hybrid 3 and 4 with the remaining irons as per usual.
  • Set includes headcovers for all hybrid clubs for the set you choose.
  • Available in a graphite and steel or all graphite.

Technical Specifications

Club 3hy 4hy 5 6 7 8 9 PW SW
Loft 21° 23° 24° 27° 30° 34° 39° 44° 56°
Lie 59deg 60° 61° 61.5° 62° 62.5° 63° 63.5° 64°
Bounce NA NA 1.7° 1.5°
Weight 237g 246g 256g 263g 270g 277g 284g 291g 298g
Volume 110cc 105cc NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Shaft and Grip:
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Michael Haley rated this product on 11/24/21 I ordered the PGX 5-PW Irons, a 3 and 4 PGX hybrid and the PGX offset three wood, all with "R" graphite shafts and a full set of Pinemeadow Wedges with upgraded steel shafts and each club with Winn Dry Tac grips and the matching PGX putter. I've always bought second hand clubs so this was the first time in 15 years of serious golf that I've ordered a full set of clubs for myself and after months of online research I opted to go Pinemeadow vs. Callaway Mavericks. I COULD NOT BE MORE PLEASED. Customer service, packaging, time to delivery (especially under the current circumstances), and the quality of the clubs was all superb. I work and live in Africa and bought these to take there as my everyday clubs. I had a small window of time whilst in the States to receive the clubs and give them a try and the Customer Service and shipping team went above and beyond to expedite them to me. I also bought an offset PGX driver from Dunhams to give it a go and thinking that if I liked it everything would be a matched set in the bag. The putter, offset three wood and offset driver had to compete with my Odyssey putter, Callaway X hot three wood, and brand new Callaway Rogue driver and didn't make the cut. I returned the PGX driver to Dunhams. However, I left the other clubs behind with my beloved old driver and irons in the U.S. intending to use them as a second set of clubs when I'm there. All told I have to say that you guys at Pinemeadow have to be the PREMIUM supplier of high quality clones! I don't know what you could do better. My buddies, all much better golfers than I am, are all playing with high priced name brand clubs and my new clubs have become the envy of the group. My game has improved SIGNIFICANTLY in accuracy and confidence. I REALLY DO appreciate you guys and what you offer and hope this review will help others to make a good choice in their purchase of your product. Thank you! You hit a hole in one for this customer!! November 2021
9 out of 11 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Thomas Goodnight rated this product on 04/22/21 Hybrid/Iron set- +1/2" Stiff Flex. If you're worried about the stock shafts and grips that come on these clubs, don't. I admit I was at first, but the grips feel great, and I'm a fan of the smooth areas for what I assume is thumb placement. The shafts do not feel cheap at all. In fact, nothing about these clubs feels cheap. After 150 ish balls on the range, and a 9 hole round, I am 100% satisfied to say the least. The irons are a massive improvement to my Titleist DCI 981's (partly due to technological improvements from 1998 to now lol). These irons are forgiving as long as you hit somewhat close to the middle of the face. No amount of iron forgiveness can help when you completely toe a shot as I've learned haha. They feel good, look good, hit good, and the weight is just right. Ive gained about 10-15 yards per club. Some to do with loft changes over the years, but a lot to do with getting the right length shaft, and a forgiving head. The hybrids feel and perform great as well. I've never had hybrids before this set. First off, they look WAY better in person than in the product images. I was very impressed. The heads are a little heavy, but that is more of a help than a hindrance. Once I got the swing down, I was hitting the 3 hybrid between 190 and 200 yards. Great Ball flight even on slight mis hits. This really is a great set, and for $350 for 9 clubs, what exactly do you have to lose? The headcovers for the hybrids were also much nicer than I expected. Im just really impressed, and really happy with my purchase. I was apprehensive about them even after I ordered and was waiting for them to arrive. Those doubts have been put entirely to rest. I will absolutely be purchasing more clubs from Pinemeadow, as I have a need for a fairway wood, 52, and a 60 degree wedges to round out my set. The only club in my bag that isn't Pinemeadow is my M2 Driver, but performance wise, you can't tell these are clones. Again, I'm thoroughly happy, and impressed.
8 out of 8 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Kevin rated this product on 04/05/21 Was finally able to play today. Think the clubs are fantastic. I was just two strokes worse than my best round from last year. Was hitting them straight and longer than normal. Looking forward to this golf season now.
7 out of 8 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Kevin Venhuizen rated this product on 04/03/21 Have to admit I was a little hesitant to purchase. After my first round couldn’t be more pleased. I am mid 50’s and hit the ball longer and straighter than I have in a long time. They are very forgiving when I did mis-hit. My first round of the year was just two strokes worse than my best round last year and was do to chipping not ball striking. Will give it a few more rounds before final verdict but extremely excited about this golf season now.
5 out of 6 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Dale rated this product on 01/22/20 Just purchased this exact set and hit them at the range today, hitting again for the first time in 3 months. Got them with the graphite shafts, once I found the rhythm and realized I didn't have to swing so hard, the ball really started taking off. Just love the hybrids so easy to hit, just cannot wait for the snow to melt to hit a real course. These look great and feel great in my hands which was something I was worried about since it was an internet purchase.
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