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The Pre Driver is a perfect fit for players new to the game, high handicappers or for those looking to upgrade the current driver they are playing.

The size of the driver pushes the USGA volume to the limit at 460cc's of pure power. Larger volume also means more distance and increased forgiveness, and this club head provides it.

This club is made out of a ti-alloy material and features a smooth rounded profile looks great and plays like a winner. If you are looking for new driver and don't need a titanium head this driver is a great value.


  • Custom equipped with a Pre Graphite Shaft and Pinemeadow Grip
  • Driver is built at Men's Standard Length and Flex
  • Headcover Included

Technical Specifications

Club: 1
Loft 10.5°
Lie 60°
Weight 198g
Face Angle 0
Volume 460cc
Material: Ti-Alloy

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Hector Parra rated this product on 02/21/18 I bought it on closeout ($25) and that was the first thing I love. I don't have the budget to spend a full month salary on clubs and I'm very happy to know that Pinemeadow offers us a product of quality (and the best customer service ever) for a fair price. Now, the club: I'm a newbie golfer and this driver was the first club I've ever touched in my life. I went to the range to try a bucket and the ball always went to the direction I was aiming. Feels heavy in my hands, but not a big issue so far. Will probably kept this for the buckets and get another Driver from Pinemeadow for the field (Command Q Ti, maybe).
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Matt Pauli reviewed this product on 08/10/16 I am new to the game but was able to control the contact and direction with this club from the get go. I appreciate the ability to customise the club; was able to have it fitted well (44 inch) versus reaching with longer store-bought (46 inch) drivers. The price was right as well. Would give it a 5, exception being sloppy paint detail and immediate wear to the final paint top coat.
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Dave B rated this product on 09/18/14 Just bought it, having a little trouble getting used to it. I am making great contact with it but shooting everything to the right. The club has a nice feel,I feel the right amount of stiffness in the shaft. I need to correct my swing and will try to do so with it this week-end. For the price it seems like a great deal.
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Zane G. rated this product on 02/09/14 I have used this driver for the past year. I was using an rbz driver with mixed results. I was getting really good distance but was all over the place. So I was looking for a cheap driver that was a bit more forgiving. This club did the trick. The price was right and it got me back in the fairway much more often than my other driver. Bottom line is this a good driver for the money. It's easy to hit and can take some abuse. It's not as long as my RBZ is but being in the fairway and not in the woods is a big advantage in my book.
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Alain rated this product on 07/20/12 Once again I am very happy with the new clubs I purchased. Pre driver hits well, feels great after a bucket at the range. Longer shaft and larger head took a few balls to get used to but once I found it was considerbly straighter and longer than my old driver. Pro at the course was impressed with the quality as well. Taking it out this weekend for the first round will follow up with a report and a report on the Secret Weapons I purchased as well.
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