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Lamkin Crossline Oversize Grips (+1/8)


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Lamkin's top-selling oversize grip for woods and irons. Grip offers a recognizable surface pattern and unmistakable performance.

Our proprietary rubber compound adds tackiness and durability, while the distinctive surface pattern increases hand traction and reduces torque, making it the ultimate performance grip. It has a medium firmness and oversize feel.

Players with bigger hands, arthritis or like the feel of a larger grip will benefit having this grip on their club.

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How do I change the quantity to a specific amount that isn't available?

If you need to order a quantity that is not available above. You can do this once you add a grip to the cart. Add 1 grip to the cart and you can update it to any quantity you like. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at 1.800.309.6878.

Technical Specifications

Grip Lamkin Crossline Oversize
Color Black/White
Core Size .580″
Core Design Round
Weight 75g
Size +1/8

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Evan reviewed this product on 01/25/16 These are fantastic grips. They have a solid feel, but are also very tacky and conform perfectly to my hands. I have large hands and going from a standard size grip to oversized made a world of difference! I re-gripped with these and then later re-gripped my wife's irons with some cheaper grips, and it was much easier to work with these because of the better quality of construction. If you have big hands, don't pass these up - they really do make a huge difference!!
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Charlie W. rated this product on 05/22/13 I just received my 6 iron to try out and I love it. The Lamkin Crossline oversize Grip is wonderful and want to buy more for my other clubs. It has to be the Best Grip on the Market. Love it!!!!
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Displaying all 2 reviews