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The Command Factor irons feature a cavity back which moves the weight of the iron to the perimeter of the club-face for a lower center of gravity and larger sweet spot, helping you generate the optimal launch.

The mid-size sole provides you the forgiveness you're looking for in an iron without adding the bulkiness in the sole size that you'll find in other irons. This allows you to cut through the grass, easily creating a solid impact at contact with any lie you may be challenged with during a round.

If you are looking for an iron that allows you to hit the ball square but allows for forgiveness, these are the perfect irons for you.


  • Built standard with high quality Pinemeadow steel shaft from Apollo®, a 125 gram shaft with a low to mid kick point.
  • Also available with our standard low-torque Pinemeadow Limited graphite shaft for only $7.50 per shaft.
  • Set is standard 3-PW for $159.95; SW available for $27.95 each.

Technical Specifications

Club 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW SW
Loft 19° 22° 25° 28° 31° 35° 40° 45° 56°
Lie 60° 60.5° 61° 61.5° 62° 62.5° 63° 63.5° 64°
Weight 242g 249g 256g 263g 270g 277g 284g 294g 298g
Offset 5.3mm 4.8mm 4.3mm 3.8mm 3.3mm 3.3mm 2.8mm 1.8mm 1.8mm
Shaft and Grip:
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Body Material:
431 Stainless Steel

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Jakob rated this product on 10/03/19 I bought these irons in a 3 iron and 4 iron. I have Callaway irons that are 5-P. These irons hit way better than my Callaway irons. The look and feel are completely stunning. I mainly use these for driving and hitting off the fairway on long par 5s. The first time I hit these irons off the tee I was pleasantly surprised. I hit my 3 iron about 240 yards on a 310 yard par 4. The ball went straight and the iron sounded so good when I hit it. I have trouble hitting my hybrids just because I hook it every time. However, with these irons I am consistently hitting them straight and with good distance. The first time I hit the ball of the fairway with the 4 iron I was surprised that it still went close to 210 yards. I prefer irons over hybrids just because I grew up in the era with irons over hybrids. These irons are phenomenal. They are sleek and hit well with the added forgiveness of a cavity back. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone looking for a 3 or 4 iron to drive with or someone who prefers these long irons over hybrids. In my opinion, Command Factor irons are simply the way to go.
3 out of 4 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
George Pinkney rated this product on 09/06/18 I bought these clubs because I am a golfer on a budget. I have to say, these clubs are amazing. I've used them a few times and my hits are straighter than ever. These live up to the expectations.
4 out of 5 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Chris rated this product on 10/21/17 Recently purchases and received these clubs. Must say, these are something else. The look and feel are both outstanding for the price. I was a bit concerned about the fitting tool and although today was my first experience using these irons out of the box, the fit seems perfect so far. I was playing clubs that were a bit longer (not by much) and I'm sure a few more range sessions and tee time will help straighten that out, but so far so good. Purchase was a breeze and the customer service was also spot on in terms of communication is concerned. Shipping was also fast and hassle free. I ordered these with the graphite shafts and just the standard included grips (which I must also say are more than decent). I would highly recommend these clubs. Thanks, Pinemeadow.
8 out of 9 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Michael from Michigan reviewed this product on 04/10/17 I am age 54, 6'3", play 3 to 5 rounds per week. I purchased Command Factor 3-SW with 1.5" Apollo Lite steel stiff shafts & Lamkin Crossline oversize grips. Having the ability to purchase 3-SW was appealing, most of the golfers I play with prefer Irons over Hybrid's. The clubs bottom weight allows for very reassuring swing control, follow through and finish. The medium size sole promotes a confident feel and reaction when cutting through the rough. It was great to find a company with the ability to order extended shafts and larger grips simply by clicking the mouse. The customer service follow up phone call prior to processing the order helped me decide on stiff shafts as opposed to regular flex. I was advised with the lengthened shaft the regular flex would feel more like a senior flex, hence I ordered the stiff and could not be happier. Great product, great pricing, great customer service!!!
18 out of 20 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Loyd Lee Towe reviewed this product on 04/08/17 I got a set of the command factor CF-2 irons 3-SW (and also a 3-wood and driver). I ordered with the graphite shaft and Lamkin Crossline grips. These are beautiful clubs and very well made. They are nicely balanced and snap around great on release. I am hitting all the clubs about 10-15 yards longer than my old set on average. in addition to the positive reviews, I did see one review claim that higher handicap players might not like these clubs as they were smaller heads and less forgiving. no chance. I am a higher handicap player and I really like them and feel like they are going to improve my game and take my strokes down to a mid handicap. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and these clubs are an excellent value!! get some, for the money they are hard to beat. you wont regret it.
16 out of 53 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 15 in total