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The standout feature of the SiTE line lies in its striking black and white design, engineered to instill unmatched confidence as you prepare for your putt. With clarity, ascertain whether your stroke remains perfectly straight each time.

The SiTE 2 stands out with its half mallet head and center shaft, enhancing stability and streamlining alignment with your target line. This design promotes a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke, preferred by many golfers for its comfort and effectiveness in maintaining a consistent path and minimizing face rotation during the stroke.

Note: Use of this putter may result in lower scores and a profound sense of achievement.


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  • Includes headcover

Technical Specifications

Club Putter
Loft 2
Lie 71
Weight 350
Men's Std. Length 34″
Ladies Std. Length 33″
Shaft and Grip:
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White & Black

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Jon rated this product on 01/29/23 I wrote a separate review a while back on the CGI chipper club talking about how I would love to just chip/putt with it because I was such a bad Putter. I finally decided to try out a Pinemeadow Putter because I had such good luck with the chipper. First time ever using a center shafted Putter because why not nothing else works. Took it to the practice green (not flat, an actual tough putting green) and it fits like a glove. Love standing over the ball and can see the line way better now, just fits my eye. Aim it on the white line and let it go. I was hesitant about using a milled face instead of insert but guess what now my putts are getting to the hole instead of way short. I'm a short guy and the Putter feels shorter in my hands height wise which is great no more gripping down on a long Putter. The Pinemeadow grip is like a slimmer version of the big super grip ones again feels great in my hands no huge block in my hands but not too small either. Another plus is that the finish of the club looks way nicer than the photos. Now instead of knee knocker 3 to 5 footers my thought is well it's getting to the hole and on line if it doesn't go in who cares every one has a chance- never knew that feeling before. So I can see why people say get fitted for a Putter - not that I did but I lucked into this one at a fantastic price, what a club. If you have decent technique but consistently 3 putt from lagging short and as a result short putts are nightmares pick up this club and try center shafted putting, it may just be the club, and to at least try it for the price it's ridiculously affordable at today's prices. It was a game changer for me.
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Greg rated this product on 09/26/18 Absolutely loving this putter! I debated on getting a center shaft putter for awhile but knew I would never pay the ridiculous $100's of dollars for a big market brand. Came across the Pinemeadow center shaft and it delivered immediately, I am dead on straight solid with every putt!! I honestly couldn't be any happier, an absolute solid putter that didn't break the bank. I only wish I had found it sooner!
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Tom Walker rated this product on 04/08/18 In the recent past, I have purchased four Pinemeadow putters: an earlier version of the PGX, the current PGX, the PGX SL, and the SiTE 2. I have used them all for several rounds and have found them all to be good, reliable putters; however, my favorite is the SiTE 2 which is one of the few center-shafted putters on the market. Since taking up the game a long time ago, I had always used a Bullseye putter in a style similar to Isao Aoki. Over time my putting has deteriorated faster than any other part of the game. With the center-shafted SiTE 2 I can keep the face angle of the putter square to the target line throughout the stoke with only minimal rotation in the backswing with a more upright stance and a claw grip. As a result, I am making significantly more short and medium putts with the SiTE 2 than with any other putter. (Long putts are still a work in progress). I also feel very comfortable putting off the toe of the SiTE 2 on downhill putts and/or short putts where more touch is required. Yes, the paint chips quickly on the SiTE 2. But who cares about golf cosmetics? I never use head covers. I only care about hitting some good shots, scoring, and taking a few dollars from my golfing partners. At $35, I'll just order another SiTE 2 as a backup to the one I now have. Frankly, I am still pleasantly surprised that a center-shafted putter has given such comparatively good results.
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Mel Willie reviewed this product on 09/15/17 I really like this putter. I bought it because I always wanted to try a center shafted putter and they are hard to find without spending $100 plus. It turns out the center shaft fits my game really well. It was just a hunch because I've always struggled with alignment. I own about six putters that I've collected/inherited through the years, all different styles and brands, and this one is in my bag. It is a lot more solid than the photos indicate. Paint chipping can happen. If it begins to bother me I will touch it up with nail polish. I wanted to post this because there aren't many reviews for this putter but it really is a good center shafted option if you think that style can help.
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bobbie reviewed this product on 06/02/16 I like the putter but the paint has chipped off a good bit. I haven't used it that much either. I'm very disappointed because I do like my other Pine Meadow clubs.
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 8 in total