Pinemeadow Hybrid Chipper

Pinemeadow Hybrid Chipper

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In chipping, the hands need to be ahead of the clubhead during the swing for solid impact. The Pinemeadow Hybrid Putter features an offset hosel, which presets the hands at address, providing solid shot after solid shot. The heavy mallet chipper head also promotes a true pendulum motion and won't get stuck in the turf. The 37&deg loft on the club gets the ball up and running easily. The smooth radius of the sole allows for use in any lie condition.

Club comes assembled at 35".

Technical Specifications

Loft 37
Lie 72
Weight 340
Std Length 35″

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Dave rated this product on 06/20/22 Despite lessons and new wedges my chipping game had issues--big issues. No matter how hard I tried , I had chipping yips. My long game ( between 175-240 yards) is smooth as butter most days. My putting? Rarely a 3 put to be seen. I realized that every match I lost strokes around the greens. I would skull a shot or hit it fat and get into real trouble. My friends would laugh and say I was the best golfer never to shoot 80. So, frustrated I bought this club. First round...I dropped 10 strokes after only 15 minutes of practice on the green. My playing partners told me "You are not allowed to use this club again ". They watched as I placed my approach shots short of the greens, then chipped up within 3 to 5 feet of the hole, then pour puts into the hole. Over and over again this kept happening and my playing partners were left speechless. I beat them both ( by over 10 strokes) and someone else bought the cold beverages at the 19th hole:) If chipping issues are stopping you from getting your best score, get this club.
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Paul Prattini rated this product on 01/19/22 This is an excellent alternative to wedges around the green. I’ve played 2 rounds already and never missed a single green. Some of those shots were over bunkers too, but once you get the feel of this club it’s easy to put the ball where you want it. I use this any time I’m 30 yards or less. Beyond that you would not be able to use a putting stroke. While all your buddies are trying to flop and stop, you’ll be bumpin and runnin to a whole bunch of 1 putts!! Thanks PineMeadow!!!
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Ron Korody rated this product on 10/16/21 Seen many a pro on TV try putting just off the greens through semi rough or 1st cuts. Not that great at that (for them:) in accuracy, mostly they just needed bit a more loft to "pop" it over. This "hybrid" putter-chipper makes such total logical sense, i.e. why not have a "putter" with loft to pop it over the rough near a green? And not have to manipulate a longer iron, or use high loft wedges to pitch / chip it over (low % shots). Just use a "putter" with some LOFT for more accuracy. Love this club for its accuracy and distance control is the same story for any club; practice vs. conditions, etc. Buy & Try for sure. Probably Bryson will invent a putter with say 10+? degrees of LOFTwith SIK; but hey, that is MY idea eh. :)
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David Walter Hall Jr rated this product on 05/15/21 not one for writing reviews but after using this club on the golf course I had to. I practiced with this chipper in my yard for a couple of weeks before I went golfing and it goes where you aim it, just follow thru a bit and get the distance down, I finally used it today on the 10th hole and chipped within a foot, used it a couple more times and chipped in once and come close all the other times, I have been golfing for a long time and always thought this club was just another gimmick to waste money on but I was so wrong, i love it
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John Dorr rated this product on 01/21/20 (4 stars only because I haven't played it yet - could be five if I fall in love with it on the course) But the reason I wanted to write this review was to correct the conclusion by LJ and Pinemeadow that it's an illegal/non-conforming club. I ALSO wrote Pinemeadow and got the same response he did - that it was non-conforming, but Pinemeadow suggested I check the rules. So I did. In the R&A/USGA rules on equipment rules, conformance, Part 2, page 20 the only rule regarding chipping clubs (except for the no two-way leftie/righty rule) is about length. It says a 37* chipping club like this one has a maximum length of 38.5". This club comes in at 35", so it IS conforming.
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