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The Command W7X driver features aerodynamic speed slots in the sole of the club to increase head speed which will improve distance. As you may be aware, white has become a popular color in golf. There is a reason why clubs heads are being designed with a white finish: the white finish on the crown improves the visibility of the head and helps you align the driver off the tee, helping you hit more fairways and improve accuracy. Join the pros, get the newest advantage for your game.

This driver is made out of Ti-Alloy material. It is different then titanium. Ti-Alloy products are Aluminum products with trace elements of Titanium that attempt to take advantage of the Titanium name. Ti-Alloy products are among the least expensive and are meant for entry or beginner drivers like this one.


  • Headcover Included

Technical Specifications

Club: 1
Loft 10°
Lie 60°
Weight 198g
Face Angle 0
Volume 460cc
Shaft and Grip:
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Material: Ti-Alloy

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David N Bushman rated this product on 07/12/20 Best driver I have ever used. Got rid of my Ping and Callaway Drivers. Just purchased a Command W7X Hybrid can't wait to use it. Recommend all of Pinemeadow clubs I am a 14 handicap player who is 71 years old,
3 out of 3 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Doug Stewart rated this product on 08/13/19 As a 22+ handicapper coming back to the game last year (having not played regularly for about 7 years) I purchased this driver on a recommendation from a buddy. I couldn’t drop a mortgage payment on a golf club and I’d never hit any other driver aside from the old Northwestern POS I’ve had since I started playing 25 years ago. This driver was an instant upgrade to say the least. The 460cc size dwarfed the tiny driver head I was previously using and once I got comfortable (and adjusted my grip- thanks YewToob) my wicked slice disappeared. I’m 25-30 rounds in with this driver and I’m hitting it dead straight or with a controlled, purposeful fade. I’m not a bomber, so with my nominal swing speed I’m consistently driving 225 yds accurately. I caught it really clean a couple times for about 260 but that’s an exception for me. I recently played 9 at my local course with a guy who’s played this course 3 times a week for 20+ years and he said two of my drives were the best he’d seen on those respective holes. Maybe he regularly plays with guys or gals worse than me though I can’t imagine that’s the case- the other guy in our threesome finished 4 under par. I shot a 41, lol. Pinemeadow was great to work with - excellent customer service - and the prices are great. I recommend this driver- despite being an entry level club it’s made a world of difference for me. Last handicap check-in had me a little over 16 so I’m heading in the right direction thanks in large part to consistently better drives.
7 out of 11 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
EUGENE rated this product on 10/12/18 I took out my new driver to play the next time I had a tee time, not having had an opportunity to take it to the driving range to get it "broken in". It performed flawlessly since it was the first club out of my bag on the first tee. My playing partners didn't notice that I was using a new club until the third tee that called for it. They noticed because I was "unusually consistent" in my driving that day without the usual slicing or "topping" of the ball that marked my drives. My purchase of this club was a "shot in the dark" for me, but as it turned out, a great shot!
8 out of 11 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Alan rated this product on 06/14/18 Yes I received the club and truly am completely happy with it. I have taken it to the driving range and it performs beautifully. Thank you for you fast service and excellent product.
6 out of 10 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Kevin rated this product on 04/05/18 My driver has arrived and today is the first chance I have had to take it to the driving range. I was very impressed with everything about this club. The club sounded great and had a great feel. I can not wait to play a round with this club hopefully the beginning of this next week.
7 out of 11 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 9 in total