PGX 500cc Driver Ilegal 500cc Oversize Head

PGX 500cc Driver (Non-Conforming/Illegal)

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Right Hand




The PGX 500cc driver boasts an oversized 500cc club head, exceeding the maximum size limit set by the USGA. This extra size makes it incredibly forgiving, ensuring you'll rarely miss the sweet spot.

Additionally, the combination of the oversized head and a lower center of gravity results in an increased launch angle, leading to longer carry distances. Get ready for consistently bigger and straighter drives with this remarkable club!


  • Illegal 500cc Club Head - Exceeds the maximum head size allowed by the USGA.
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Massive Sweet Spot
  • Large oversize sweet spot giving you the most forgiveness.
  • Headcover Included

Technical Specifications

Club 1
Loft 10.5°
Lie 58°
Weight 205g
Volume 500cc

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Kay reviewed this product on 07/22/22 Hi, Im playing Left hand. You have this driver for men`s left?? Regards kay
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Darien Jones rated this product on 06/05/22 Added 50 yards to my drive with less swing just bombshell going off can’t beat the price
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David rated this product on 06/08/18 So I'm 47 and getting back into golf after being away from the sport for more than a decade. So one of the first things I started eyeballing was a fancy driver... so I went out and bought a used, like new, TaylorMade SLDR 460... you can adjust it here you can adjust it there you can angle it here you can move the weight there... and long story short... I adjusted ever feature on that club ten times and never did get it too feel right. Maybe it's because I don't have an ex PGA Tour professional helping me adjust all the knobs and dials... here's what I do know I bought this PGX 500 and have literally just walked in the house from the driving range and can tell you that I I am very pleased with this club... very surprised by the quality at this price. I'm not saying that a spdf mock 13 razor blade flamethrower doesn't have its place in somebody's bag but I think I've just found a better fit for mine!
74 out of 82 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Displaying all 3 reviews