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The ZR3.0 line is the newest installment in our flagship ZR series that we've proudly produced since 2006. It's a brand new design for us, featuring a full line of clubs including the driver, woods, hybrids, and irons.

The ZR3.0 driver features a lower center of gravity, which increase launch angle to create larger carry distances. Don't miss out on the opportunity to leave yourself with shorter approach shots.

You'll notice an alignment feature on the top (crown) of the club. This is designed to help with staying true to your target angle at address. Plus, it just looks cool!

Additional ZR3.0 Clubs

Sole 3 4         Sole 3 4                  3 pw set


  • Fitted standard with our low-torque Pinemeadow Limited Graphite Shaft for the same $119.95 value.
  • Compare features, performance and price to the PING® G25 Driver.

Technical Specifications

Club 1
Loft 10.5°
Lie 59°
Weight 198g
Face Angle 0
Volume 460cc
Shaft and Grip:
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Face Material:
Beta Titanium
Body Material:
100% Titanium

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Stan Liebowitz rated this product on 09/23/20 I have been using this driver for about 6 weeks now, or about 15 outings. It took a little while to get used to. I hated the sound at first, but now I am used to it and perhaps even like it. The main things is after a few weeks I found that I drove the ball about 20-30 yards more than I used to with no loss of accuracy. Strangely, my golf partners love the sound and have asked me whether it was a Ping or Taylor Made after a hit that went past their drives. They seem to have problems believing it is a Pinemeadow, which they have never heard of. I am very happy with it.
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Paul Korik rated this product on 07/20/20 So I first bought the 16 degree hybrid and loved it. So I decided to add the 22 degree and the driver. This Driver is the most forgiving driver I have ever swung. It has a great feel weight wise and looks good to. I hit it as far if not farther than my current driver but way more accurate. As far as some saying it sound tinny on impact I disagree. It sounds more like it’s blasted it. Better yet the sound is different on off center hits so that’s helpful. I also own the hybrid iron sets by Pinemeadow. I highly recommend this company!!!
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Gerard Taylor rated this product on 06/16/20 I am 65 and not exactly the best golfer but I cannot believe the drives I am hitting with this club. I never took my previous driver which was very expensive out of the bag and was convinced I couldn't hit a driver. However last time out I hit the best drive I've hit in years. An easy swing produced resonant sound which clearly spoke of solid contact, and the ball sprung to life soaring beautifully right down the center of the fairways some 270 yards from where I stood with my jaw agape. This club is for real. Thank you for a great experience.
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Kevin rated this product on 10/12/18 I took it for a test drive. First shot of the day and every hole I could use it on. It is the first driver that I can keep in my own fairway. The last five holes my brother gave it try and now I cannot keep it out of his hands. It is nice even on miss hits it is a decent tee shot. I love the ping it lets you now we're you are hitting it on the club face. Keep up the good work and I will be talking to you soon for some more equipment.
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Bob rated this product on 09/18/18 I love this driver. I wouldn't say it's loud or too loud, but it does have a very unique sound to it. It doesn't make every shot perfect, or make every shot go straight, but even when I don't get a perfect hit, I'm still very impressed with the results. Just yesterday on the 18th hole my drive landed near the 200 yard marker, which meant I drove 250 yards. I'm very happy with the results from the ZR 3.0 Driver.
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 21 in total