What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On March 07, 2003 Kevin L. Ogle wrote: I surfed onto your site and found that you fit clubs for a GREAT price. I took a chance and ordered the Acer Super Titan 400 CC and the Power Play System 3000 Irons. I received the driver and went to the range to give it a go. I could not hit the club at all. I called your CS line and a lady rep (I think her name was Becky) was very helpful and gave me a Return Authorization number to return the club. I am going to try a smaller driver, the Acer Super Titan 400 CC was just too big for me. It seemed to tweak in my hands. I am sure that I will be happier with the new driver (PM Pro Titanium Driver). Your Customer service Dept is top notch! On to the irons...

I received the Power Play irons a day later and again tracked off to the range. I was skeptical because I could not hit the first club I bought from your company. Boy was I surprised... The Power Play clubs have the best "feel" of any club I have ever owned! I hit the ball 25% more accurate and 10% further than my King Cobra II Irons. These clubs are great, they feel so pure! I would suggest to anyone reading this "Don't believe the hype of brand name clubs. Get fitted for clubs, it makes a world of difference". My Cobra irons cost $699.00 and I now proudly own a $200.00 set that puts them to shame. I am selling them on E-bay. I have the irons built just for me. It just simply makes sense, you wouldn't go buy a shirt that doesn't fit would you? Why buy clubs that are made as "one size fits all"?

In closing, I do not know what impresses me more; your Customer Service and attention to detail or the quality of your products. I am the Reverse Logistics Manager for Radio Systems Corp. I Know good customer service when I see it, it is my job to know it and to give it. How nice it is to receive it back. Thank you for the quality. Thank you for the value. Thank you for treating me like a customer should be treated. (Last but not least), Thank you for taking 5 strokes off my golf game. I will be purchasing from your company again!

On March 07, 2003 Asante S Weupe wrote: Hi just wanted to tell you on 4/24/02 I hit a hole-in-one today using your professional open series 690 52 degree wedge. It was the 4th hole on my home course and it measured about 130 yards. All of the clubs in my bag are from pinemeadow and I could not be happier with your clubs. Thank you
On March 07, 2003 Asante S Weupe wrote: hi just wanted to let you know that I bought your xds tour clubs and they are great. Using the 6 iron on the 180 yard 12th hole I scored my third ace and second ace using your clubs. It was back in april when I email you about my second ace using one of your wedges. Thank you