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What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On March 07, 2003 A very happy and satisfied customer, Manuel I. Cuevas wrote: I want to thank you for all the effort shown by both of you along the people at PinemeadowGolf, that made it possible to get me the Tour Gear II club set to my address in Texas in 1 day. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

I showed my wife the level of service that you two provided me, and she was impressed, eventhough she is a specialist on the area. I need to thank Bryan for getting back to me during X-mas and letting me know that it was too tight the delivery schedule before I departed to Argentina, but he said that the plant would be shut down until the 2nd, and Misty would later call me to get it done and shipped overnight on the 3rd (at no extra cost, WOW!). Well I received it on the fourth, and I flew to Argentina on the fifth.

I need to tell you that this extra effort gave your company a sale that was almost impossible, and I hope that the clubs are as good as they look and the level of service that you provided me. I will try them this weekend...wish me luck.

On March 07, 2003 Jason McCutcheon wrote: I recently embarked on a clubfinding mission which eventually led me to you. I desperately needed new golf clubs but unfortunately my budget would not allow me to buy high priced, name brand clubs. During a web search I came across your sight. At first I was very sceptical, I thought, how in the world could you boast that your clones were the same if not better than the name brands they resembled? So I did a whole lot of research on clones and I found some negetive remarks made about other companies, but everything I heard about you was positive. So I decided to go ahead and give you a try, I purchased your velociteque irons (Taylor Made Super Steel clones). The very first ball I hit with them I knew I had made the right decision. The ball literally jumped off of the clubface and my distance improved by about 15 yards, I shot 12 strokes better than the round I played 2 days previous using my old clubs. I also purchased the matching Velociteque drivers and I swear!

I drove the ball 20 yards further than I ever had before, needless to say I am a very satisfied customer...

I also want to comment on your helpful and professional sales staff. I ordered my 2 iron and Sand Wedge from Jenetta (excuse me if I spelled it wrong)and told her I needed the clubs before the end of the week because I had a big golf weekend planned, She was very kind and considerate and assured me she would do everything in her power to get them to me on time. I had also ordered the woods that same day online and left a note about my weekend plans. That thursday I came home to see my new clubs waiting for me at my front door, I was tickled pink. My friends all tried the clubs and were impressed also, and this is the kicker! One of my friends had just bought the Taylor Made Super Steel irons online for something like $350 dollars, I showed him my clones and he tried them and told me he could not tell the difference, the proof is definately in the pudding!

I just wanted to write and say thank you and I am definately going to recommend you to anyone I know looking for new clubs.

On March 07, 2003 Ron Rivera wrote: Good morning.

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you and your company for the pleasant experience I've had dealing with your company. Misty provided excellent customer service and my clubs were at your offices ready for pick up as promised. Many people have been waiting anxiously to see how my clubs performed(I'm new at golf so I don't know how clubs are supposed to perform). I did end up ordering the Tour model 6 iron & woods. Anyways, my buddies took me to a driving range in Tigard. My buddies were quite impressed with my first few swings(since I've really never done this). I was hitting 150-170 yards with my 5 iron. I don't know if that's good, but they were impressed. They each tried a few clubs. Before I knew it we were all using my clubs!!! All they could talk about were buying new clubs. I know they will be contacting Pinemwadows real soon to order clubs. In fact, I know one of my buddies will be ordering today.

Again, thanks and I commend you for the excellent service and product your company provides!

On March 07, 2003 Once again, with gratitude, Kip wrote: Guy, Don't I feel foolish!?! I was preparing to write to the President of PineMeadow Golf and tell him/her how pleased I am with the service, the clubs, XDS II, and especially how kind and helpful you have been though my irritating and constant questions. I had not read about the staff on the internet, only the equipment. So, I took myself of to the About Us Link, and low and behold I have been irritating the President himself.

Guy I love the Clubs. They are a dream! Comfortable. Lightweight. Solid. I had been working some very early hours, and when the UPS delivery was made, I was a Kid in the Candy Store! I finished up my current project, and went off to play w/ my new toys. I can't express just how pleased I am w/ the your Product, your Staff, your Company, and YOU! Excellent Service

On March 07, 2003 Thanks, David Gardner wrote: Hi my name is David Gardner and I never write e-mails just to send them. But I would like to tell you about these Irons.... WOW Baby

I started playing golf at age 10 and I'm now 52 with a hc of 9.6 so I'm not the worst golfer in the world.

I have had 20 sets of irons in my golfing life but I have never had a set this good. I can't believe it, a set that goes straight as we say in Tennessee.

Thanks for the great products and the great web site and the service on shipping.

On March 07, 2003 Thanks, Rich Jordon wrote: I am NOT a testimonial writer - but, on June 8th I ordered an iron set of your Catapult irons with custom shafts. I received them a little over a week later, just in time for vacation.

I've had the clubs for about a month now and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I'm hitting the ball better, straighter, and more consistently. These clubs look and play at least as well as their top dollar counterparts. Your company DELIVERS an outstanding product, and you have another satisfied customer.

I like the clubs so well, I'm replacing my 3 wood with a Catapult and adding a Power Play trouble wood and should have them this coming Monday - I'll probably feel compelled to write another review after a couple of rounds with them.

On March 07, 2003 Thanks again, Hallie Trout wrote: I just wanted to write you and tell you how much I love my new golf club. I bought a Power Play Rescue club. My mom has the Taylor Made Rescue club and I have been wanting one for a long time. A new one costs over $200 and it is impossible to find a used ladies club. I found your website by accident, but what a stroke of luck! I really enjoy your product and will be buying from you again in the future.
On March 07, 2003 Kevin L. Ogle wrote: I surfed onto your site and found that you fit clubs for a GREAT price. I took a chance and ordered the Acer Super Titan 400 CC and the Power Play System 3000 Irons. I received the driver and went to the range to give it a go. I could not hit the club at all. I called your CS line and a lady rep (I think her name was Becky) was very helpful and gave me a Return Authorization number to return the club. I am going to try a smaller driver, the Acer Super Titan 400 CC was just too big for me. It seemed to tweak in my hands. I am sure that I will be happier with the new driver (PM Pro Titanium Driver). Your Customer service Dept is top notch! On to the irons...

I received the Power Play irons a day later and again tracked off to the range. I was skeptical because I could not hit the first club I bought from your company. Boy was I surprised... The Power Play clubs have the best "feel" of any club I have ever owned! I hit the ball 25% more accurate and 10% further than my King Cobra II Irons. These clubs are great, they feel so pure! I would suggest to anyone reading this "Don't believe the hype of brand name clubs. Get fitted for clubs, it makes a world of difference". My Cobra irons cost $699.00 and I now proudly own a $200.00 set that puts them to shame. I am selling them on E-bay. I have the irons built just for me. It just simply makes sense, you wouldn't go buy a shirt that doesn't fit would you? Why buy clubs that are made as "one size fits all"?

In closing, I do not know what impresses me more; your Customer Service and attention to detail or the quality of your products. I am the Reverse Logistics Manager for Radio Systems Corp. I Know good customer service when I see it, it is my job to know it and to give it. How nice it is to receive it back. Thank you for the quality. Thank you for the value. Thank you for treating me like a customer should be treated. (Last but not least), Thank you for taking 5 strokes off my golf game. I will be purchasing from your company again!

On March 07, 2003 Asante S Weupe wrote: Hi just wanted to tell you on 4/24/02 I hit a hole-in-one today using your professional open series 690 52 degree wedge. It was the 4th hole on my home course and it measured about 130 yards. All of the clubs in my bag are from pinemeadow and I could not be happier with your clubs. Thank you
On March 07, 2003 Asante S Weupe wrote: hi just wanted to let you know that I bought your xds tour clubs and they are great. Using the 6 iron on the 180 yard 12th hole I scored my third ace and second ace using your clubs. It was back in april when I email you about my second ace using one of your wedges. Thank you