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The Two Way Chipper has a double-sided face to get you out of the most difficult situations. This unique golf club will improve your short game and the results will lower your score. It can be used by either RH or LH players.

Technical Specifications

Club Chipper
Loft (deg) 29
Lie (deg) 73
Weight (g) 305
Std. Length 35″

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Doug rated this product on 07/29/22 This type of club is illegal under the Rules of Golf and Rules of Handicapping
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Richard rated this product on 11/13/17 I'm not a tournament player, I am just a weekend player, so I can't give any helpful advice to anyone wanting to use this for that style play. I am a pretty mediocre golf player. I can't drive very well, but I can use irons rather well... or at least I used to. I don't need them any more since I bought this club. Yes it is a chipper, but found out a little side bonus. I can hit this club legitimately 100 ~ 150 yards and WAY more accurate than I can hit any iron. I don't know what it is, probably the short shaft of the club and forgiving club face, but I always get great loft, and if I swing it hard, I even get backspin a good number of times when I hit the green (which I'm not that good at typically). Even when I mishit the club (because I'm not that good of a player), it STILL goes straight and a decent distance. I can pretty much rely on this club, a 1 iron I use, and my putter to play an entire round and shoot Double Bogey to Bogey golf. This club is worth $100 in my bag!
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Derek G reviewed this product on 06/21/13 I really want this club for the novelty of being able to hit a right handed shot (Lefty here) if stuck next to a tree. But apparently the club is illegal. I don't want to spend 25 on a club I'll likely never use, and shouldn't even have in the bag in the first place. Can this item go on sale to 10-15 dollars instead? I'll buy it if it goes on sale/clearance. Otherwise, I guess I'll just bring one right handed club with me.
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Doc Phil rated this product on 02/07/12 Considering that the "jigger" can be used by either left or right handed players - it seems ludicris to see it as a "2 sided club. Either player will use only one side. Perhaps placing tape on the unused side will then make it a one sided chipper. Think about it.
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Golfer Seriously reviewed this product on 10/05/11 A two-way chipper, or jigger, is a utility golf club with two lofted striking faces. It can be used right or left-handed and is useful around the green and also for negotiating obstacles on other parts of the course. 1. Legality * A two-way chipper can be used during "social" play, if all the players agree to its use, but is illegal in any form of official tournament play. Essentially, players need to learn to use a high-angled wedge or putter in place of a two-way chipper for tournament play. Rule 1-3 * Rule 1-3 of the Rules of Golf states that players cannot agree to waive any rule of golf, so even if the use of a two-way chipper is agreed to during tournament play, the offending players are liable to disqualification. Appendix II * Appendix II of the Rules of Golf states that the clubhead of any golf club, other than a putter, must have only one striking face. Appendix II also states that a putter is a club with less than 10 degrees of loft, so a two-way chipper cannot be classified as a putter.
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 25 in total