Command Q Ti 400cc Driver

Command Q Ti 400cc Driver

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Like other Command drivers we carry, it features a weight in the rear of the club head to help increase launch and distance.

The design of the Command Q Ti Driver is for players seeking a traditional 400cc titanium head. The 400cc head allows you to increase your swing speed due to the smaller head size of the club head, which allows you to get the head through during your swing. The end result is more control, less drag, and absolutely longer drives.

The 4 gram permanent weight will increase the launch, which results in a higher and longer ball flight. Players benefit from a higher launch angle and, with the golf ball technologies that exist today, you don't have to worry about sacrificing any distance to a higher ball.

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  • Fitted standard with our low-torque Pinemeadow Limited Graphite Shaft for the same $109.95 value.
  • Compare features, performance and price to the Taylor Made® Burner.
  • Keep in mind we do not provide any extra weights for this driver.

Technical Specifications

Club: 1 1 1
Loft 9.5° 10.5° 12°
Lie 56° 56° 56°
Weight 200g 200g 200g
Face Angle 0 0 0
Face Height 57mm 57mm 57mm
Volume 400cc 400cc 400cc
Shaft and Grip:
learn more
Face Material:
Beta Titanium
Body Material:
100% Titanium

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Ef rated this product on 01/02/13 My driver is a Taylormade Burner 1.0 9.5' stiff. I travel back home often and want to have a clone set there so I bought a Command Q 9.5' stiff +1. The TM head is bigger at 460 than PM 400. Add +1 inch to PM shaft to match TM. PM head looks nicer. PM staff feels stiffer. Both are same distance. PM face is taller. Both are equal forgiving. PM vibrates less on mishits. TM sound is higher pitch and nicer. TM head rests at more angle. PM 9.5' face looks more open. Both grips feel similar. TM head cover feels better constructed. TM $300, PM $100. PM feels heavier. Both look and feel high quality. TM looks more impressive due to the wing sides on head. Buy the PM with no problem and get TM performance for 1/3 the price.
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Alton rated this product on 09/28/12 I bombed a 300 yard drive today, straight down the middle with the 9.5 driver...I'm totally impressed with the easiness to hit, this club is incredible.
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Virgil rated this product on 07/23/12 I ordered the Driver, Three Wood,and one of the wedges(60 degree)...i recieved them last tuesday afternoon and used them the following weekend. The first time i teed the driver up on the practice range....i bombed it 275 yards straight down the middle...totally impressed with the easiness to hit and the feel is incredible...needless to say i'll be ordering more clubs from Pinemeadow again...and the three wood and wedge are just as impressive..
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Alan rated this product on 06/21/11 Igot this club trying to get more distance onmy drive because I play with a group in their late 20s early 30s I'm 51. W ewent out last Sat. and te BIG HITTER in the group (300+)was almost as shocked as I was when I was consistently 10 to 15 yds. behind him way too go Pinemeadow GOLF
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Steve rated this product on 06/02/11 Received the club as promised. I had it over 5 weeks before I was able to play due to a back injury. The club is beautiful and works as promised. When I hit the club, it was as long as I have ever driven a golf ball, and still without a full swing. Hardly any body rotation, just arms. I can't wait to see what it will do as soon as I am able to use a full swing again. A couple of shots with arms only were 250 + yards. I have purchased from Pinemeadow before and will again.
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 26 in total