What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On September 08, 2014 Jerry A. wrote: I want to take this time to say thank you to Tyler and all staff. I ordered a couple of clubs that were sent wrong and they went above and beyond to make it right. Tyler was very nice and done everything to make it right. These guys are top notch thanks
On August 06, 2014 Larry M. wrote: This isn't a question. Just a thank you. I have been playing my Pre Progressive hybrid irons steadily for about 2 1/2 months now. These are absolutely the easiest irons to hit I have ever owned. I have had many name brand clubs including Ping, Callaway and Cobra irons. These are by far the best clubs I have ever owned and at a fraction of the cost of branded clubs. So much for the "big boys". Sorry, I couldn't find a place to add another testimonial but just wanted everyone at Pinemeadow to know how much I appreciate you. Oh, I have lowered my handicap 10 strokes since I got these clubs. I am a senior golfer at age 71 and to improve that much is a blessing I can't thank you all enough for.
On March 11, 2014 Rob G wrote: Tyler

Thanks so much for your advice and assistance today. I really appreciate your input.

Can you please forward this email to your team. I would like them to know how dedicated your staff is. As a first time golfer, I appreciated your input. I read great reviews on the web and can’t wait to get on our course on Kauai to try our the Pinemeadow clubs (especially the driver and the putter).

As we say here on island : Aloha and Mahalo.

Best regards


On September 09, 2013 Craig wrote: I recently placed my 3rd order with Pinemeadow since 2004. This is not a review on the clubs that I ordered, this is a review on the Pinemeadow customer service. From my previous orders I know that the Driver I just purchased will be flawless in appearance and quality. This is the first time I really had the chance to work with one of the techs at Pinemeadow. Calling and getting in touch with someone at Pinemeadow is a breeze. There was little to no wait time to speak with a pro. Pinemeadow answered all of my questions with intelligent answers from real life experiences. I make many purchases and talk to several different companies from the internet a year so I have experience with both good and bad business. Even though I live in CT, and Pinemeadow is completely across the country, they made me feel like they were local. Accommodating to my needs, answering every question, bringing in a technical person for questions a customer service rep could not answer and even calling me back after I left an email question. Very responsive and caring. Every Pinemeadow employee I spoke with was extraordinary.

If you are debating whether to buy from Pinemeadow or one of the "Big" companies, I suggest you give the folks at Pinemeadow a call and ask some questions and get some information. I never recommend companies that I wouldn't conduct business with myself. Pinemeadow's products accompanied by their professional experience separate them from any other competitor.



On August 22, 2013 Dewayne wrote:

Anyone considering buying from Pinemeadow should read this review. About 6 or 7 years ago I purchased the Command Q Driver and 3 Wood and Command Hybrids and Irons. Also purchased the Xeon M4 putter. All these years later my son still plays this set with only one change the putter, he wanted the Xeon 9 and it is awesome. The fit and finish of these are still excellent. He is pretty much a scratch Golfer, no need for expensive name brands. As far as service about 2 years ago he bent one of the irons by smashing it during a move, Pinemeadow sold us a replacement iron which was really great, any name brands do that ? Last year as for myself I decided to get back at the game after a 12 year absence, I thought purchasing the Pre Progressive Iron set would be the way to go. I also purchased the Command Q Ti Driver and 3 Wood. I love the Pre 2.0 Putter. I am in my 50's and these Hybrids helped me get my swing and accuracy back. I sold the Hybrids and purchased recently the Command Q Ti irons, which are the best irons ever in my opinion. I also now use the Double Wall Driver. Since I have been a customer of Pinemeadow I have shared and shown these products to friends. I golf with really good golfers. One is a golf pro another was on the same team as Phil Michealson at Arizona State, and my friend is course champion here in Utah, his two sons are on Tour. 2 other people I golf with are brand new customers of Pinemeadow and love their clubs. They purchased Pre Nickel Wedges and Excel Irons and Double Wall Driver and Hybrid. I am telling you their game is better and cost a lot less. I just ordered a Double Wall Hybrid and for my youngest son to get him started a Pre 2.0 Putter. As you can see I have tried a lot of products, ALL of them are excellent Fit and Finish. All perform as they should. Buy Pinemeadow it will save you a lot of cash and as in my case and my friends our game is better. My very tall friend loved the 11/2" longer shafts for no extra charge. I recommend Any Command products and I love 400 size Drivers. My friends want to change to 400 also. Thanks Pinemeadow for a Quality product and Experience. (also have hybrid chipper for fun)


On August 16, 2013 Wardell H. wrote: Your products keep me coming back. I am now down to a 9 Handi-cap. Your 3-W and 5-W that I purchased along with driver is still bringing me skins. Your products give me so much control and confidence to tackle every golf course. Keep up the great work.
On May 28, 2013 Brian wrote: I received the clubs and I love them. A guy in my office ordered shortly after I had showed him your website. I am beyond amazed with the driver. I don't know if it's the driver or the extra 1 inch shaft,(I'm 6'6"), but I constantly and landing around 275 and rolling to 300-310 on my drives! The 68 degree wedge is scary to hit! I love how high it goes, but I won't pull it out if I'm aiming towards a house on the course. You definitely have a return customer and positive word of mouth advertisement!!!! Thanks!
On May 24, 2013 Ladel S wrote: Hello Aaron,

I just wanted to reply and say thank you. My order was completed exactly as I requested and the build quality and delivery time of the three wood far exceeded my expectations. I had a chance to play the club this past weekend, let’s just say I was impressed. I have no compelling reason to spend twice the amount for a national name brand when, the club I ordered from Pinemeadow golf, more than measures up in build quality and feel of any nationally recognized product that I have owned. Thanks again and I look forward to trying out some of your other products in the near future. And as a bonus, the great customer service and communication of order status will definitely keep me coming back, thanks again.

Signed, one extremely happy golfer

On May 07, 2013 Pete C wrote: In short summary, everything about this transaction was "typical Pinemeadows Golf"...which means that everything from the Ordering cycle through manufacturing into delivery and finally ending with follow up, customer support and Customer Satisfaction was perfect. Again, as always, I am so impressed with the entire Pinemeadows organization...you guys are the benchmark I use when I compare online shopping and purchasing of products. Keep up the great work.

On May 03, 2013 Naomi M wrote: Mr Hartling,

Yes, thank-you so much for your follow up. I have received my club, but unfortunately have not have a chance to hit them.

It’s exactly what I have been looking for and can’t wait to take it out and try them. I have ordered other products and purchased them in stores from Pinemeadow. I love your pricing and quality of your products. My husband and I are advent players and appreciate your products. We will not hesitate in the future to purchase our golf needs from Pinemeadow.

Appreciate your email!