What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On April 07, 2015 Big Al wrote: Hi Aaron...I have received my clubs and yesterday I played 9 holes and I am more then satisfied with your golf clubs...every golf club in my bag is from pinemeadow and I am very happy with them as they are all custom fit and work well...I am 69 yrs old and just took up golf 3 yrs ago after not playing for 45 yrs...I taught myself to play when I was a caddy here on Long Island and after all that time I could still hit a descent golf shot...I find that your golf clubs and all your products are a good alternative and inexpensive way to outfit yourself as the big name brand companies such as taylor made are very expensive and I live on a fixed income...your prices are very affordable ...I want to thank you not only for myself but on behalf of all us senior citizens who still love the game and thanks to your company we can afford to play the game and enjoy our twilight years...so thank you and God bless you all...if you like good family tv check out 3ABN.org 24/7 on the internet...tyvm
On April 02, 2015 Jim wrote: I received a hybrid iron set for Christmas. Fantastic set of clubs. Subsequently I bought a putter from you company that looks, feels good and has helped my putting. Today I ordered a 56 pre-wedge and have ever confidence it will be another great club from your company.

Sincere, Jim

On March 26, 2015 Tom wrote: Let me say it in one word......WOW!!!! Having been a 2 handicap at one time and now having 3 back surgeries the last 3 years, I was told not to take a full rotating swing being 6foot 9 inches and 75 years old, these 2 pinemeadow clubs are fantastic in the fairways. They have replaced my 4 and 5 irons so far. I already had a 7 wood, so these 9 and 11 fairway clubs were the answer. Yes, they arrived exactly on the day of the UPS notice. The box was perfect and the clubs were fine. As would say in Chicago... "YOU DONE GOOD"!!!! I would recommend your company to anyone. Thanks for your email and your products.
On March 14, 2015 Chris wrote: Clubs arrived quickly and look great! Haven't had a chance to hit yet and may not for a few weeks. I will try to remember to give an update. I am extremely pleased and impressed with Pinemeadow Golf, every buisness should treat their customers like you do! Thanks again.
On February 28, 2015 John wrote: I received my order on the scheduled day. The complete experience with Pinemeadow has been without issue. No issues with quality. I have using the clubs and so far quite satisfied. I have been consistently getting 10+ yards and straight with the driver. Switching back to irons from complete hybrids I am still tuning my swing but again satisfied. The hybrids swing well and good distance. Each club has given additional yardage and I expect more with time. I will recommend Pinemeadow.
On February 20, 2015 Paul wrote: Wow, a company that is interested in it's customers, unusual, very nice. Yes, I have received my new pinemeadow putter on Tuesday the 17th. On time and in great shape. Have not had a chance to use it yet , but I'm sure it will knock some strokes off my score. I believe I will recommend Pinemeadow to my friends. All I need now is a Pinemeadow hat. Thanks for your great service.
On February 16, 2015 Goose wrote: You guys are great and the clubs are great. I recommend you guys to all my golf buddies. I will probably be buying a driver soon. Thanks for all your help and the great customer service.
On February 14, 2015 Michael wrote: Yes, I received them. The day after you shipped them. It’s nice you are located in our neighboring State. They look great and I have played twice with them. I purchased the full set of Hybrids and I like the feel. I am much more confident in hitting them than my old clubs, particularly with the ground as soft as it is this time of year. The only problem is I hate getting them dirty after hitting from muddy lies. Oh well.
On January 21, 2015 Jon wrote: I have received my clubs, however I have not yet had the chance to hit them yet. The weather here in Denver has not been cooperating. I must say that I have been EXTREMELY impressed with the customer service, follow up emails and keeping me informed from order to delivery. If the service level at Pine Meadow Golf is any indication of the quality and performance I can expect with my new clubs, I cant wait to get on the course with them. I will defiantly pass along my feedback on the performance of the clubs. Thanks again
On January 16, 2015 Bruce wrote: The clubs are beautiful. My wife's sand wedge is giving her a new outlook on surviving traps. My lob wedge was a great addition to complete my set. I now have strong choices with my 52, 56 and 60 degree wedges. Along with my Pre hybrid irons, I am totally satisfied.