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What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On August 08, 2016 Charles wrote: Hey Aaron,

Love the 3 wood and putter. The putter has a great feel and gives the ball a nice roll. The 3 wood is fantastic, easy to get the ball off the deck, great sound and feel on contact.Your extra stiff flex shaft really compliments my swing speed and tempo and is defiantly helping straighten out my shots. I like the 3 wood so much i ordered the matching driver as well which should arrive tomorrow.

Thank you.


On August 02, 2016 William wrote: Yes, I received my order. The clubs are an excellent value. Just as good as any of the higher priced, well advertised, big name clubs. Pinemeadow has an outstanding staff that gave exceptional service and attention to my order. I have been recommending Pinemeadow Golf to all my friends. I plan to purchase more equipment from Pinemeadow Golf in the coming months. Thank you for making my first purchase a pleasurable experience.

On July 18, 2016 Cliff wrote: I have had the opportunity to use the new clubs several times now. I absolutely love them!! So much so that I have ordered 5 new clubs for my son and my niece just picked up 3 sets for her and 2 friends.

A great product, and fantastic customer service.

Thank you so much.

On July 06, 2016 Tom wrote: Hello, I've already been in contact last week with Aaron and told him how pleased I've been with your service. I got the clubs right on the day you said they would be here. You guys are the best! I've got nothing but good things to say about your company.



On June 29, 2016 Ethan wrote: Took them to the driving range last weekend and really liked them. Tomorrow I finally take them out on the course, very excited! Thanks for your products. I bought my father a PM driver last Christmas that got us started playing golf and he speaks really highly of it so that's why I made the decision to go with PM for my irons.
On June 17, 2016 Neil wrote: Hi Aaron, received my wedges on Thu , got a GW, SW and LW, probably hit 200 balls Fri with them and played 36 holes over the weekend. Awesome awesome is all I can say. Got the graphite shafts which I pondered about, but glad I did. Added at least 10 yards per club, the look of the PRE heads are great, and the feel is awesome. My entire bag is now all Pinemeadow, except for my putter and driver/3 wood. I actually bought your driver a couple years ago, it was very close to the specs I have with my TaylorMade, but lost 10-15 yards off the tee...that's have a great product and customer service !! Thank you !!
On June 16, 2016 Justin wrote: Aaron,

I have received my clubs. I have had the chance to take the to the range and I think they are perfect. They hit very nicely and the grips are wonderful. I am playing my first round with them tomorrow and I'm very excited to see them in course play. I will be recommending you to everyone I play with and hope they send you more business. I will be buying most of my clubs from you from now on and thanks again for everything!!

On June 16, 2016 Fritz wrote: Hi Aaron..........the clubs arrived on Thursday as promised and I have to admit that they are the best hybrids I have ever hit as I thought the Thomas golf hybrids were the top of the line, but I would take your hybrids over the ones that they sell and yours are 1/2 the price. Thanks again. For the first time ever in Myrtle Beach....I shot my first round in the 70's and even had two rounds of 81 down there. If you ever play the courses down there....thats quite a feat....especially for a guy like me who will be 60 this month.

On June 09, 2016 David wrote: Yes, got the clubs in the prescribed time. Very satisfied with the service and product. I have played several times and so far like the clubs and love the grips. A SATISFIED CUSTOMER! Many retailers could learn from you.........
On May 19, 2016 Jonathon wrote: I ordered a set of pgx clubs and I am very impressed with everything about them the shipping was great and they felt amazing in my hand I hit them better than any club I have hit before, the irons was awesome I have never been able to hit irons until I hit these. I also bought the pgx putter and i would recommend buying it, I done really putting today which is usually a weak point of my game. I will definitely be recommending these clubs to other people and when i need to buy more clubs i will definitely look at these clubs.