What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On February 16, 2021 Shawn wrote: You asked me to keep you posted so here it is, and the backstory is that I've been to neither a driving range nor a golf course in over 10 years.

Went to a driving range yesterday and the Driver was better than any I have ever hit. Can't say everything was roses because I'm usually not very good with a driver, but it felt good and with more time, I can definitely see my game improving. With a good hit, I was averaging about 150-200 yards, most of which were pretty straight.

The 7 Wood I ordered from you guys is a different story altogether: By far, this is the easiest club I have swung... EVER. Long and straight nearly every hit (averaged about 160-180 with it) and again, straight down what would have been the fairway.

Nice clubs... after my 10-year hiatus, Pinemeadow might just make a golfer of me again.

On February 15, 2021 John wrote: You sent the clubs around February 1 and I received them on February 3rd. To be honest, I was shocked! On your website you explained how Covid had slowed down your assembly time. You predicted the shipping time as 3 - 7 days, and since I was having the club shipped to Florida, I was sure it would be 7 days to ship. I ordered the club on January 27th and expected to wait weeks, and instead I just needed to wait days. So nice to have things happen faster than you think they will.

The driver has reduced my slice and increased my distance. If I could actually swing a golf club correctly, I would be deadly with your club!

I am pleased with my purchase and want to thank all of you folks at Pinemeadow Golf for making a very good product at a very good price.

On December 14, 2020 Jeanne wrote: Thank you again!! Best customer service ever!!

I sent this email the minute I received my beautiful 7 wood.

Thank you So much.. I absolutely love it.. I just received it. Thank you for the work you all put in! Have a great Merry Christmas and Holiday and hopes for a wonderful new year. And a lot of birdies! Our 40 yr anniversary is tomorrow!!

On December 02, 2020 Walter wrote: Thank-you for the email.

The clubs arrived in perfect condition.

I am delighted with the build quality, especially as locating high loft fairway woods is difficult enough, to have located them and then have them built to a great standard is really nice.

On November 24, 2020 David wrote: Pinemeadows folks,

Yes, I got the club (driver), much quicker than I expected, and finally had a dry (and warm) enough day to give it a try. On long holes (like par 5s) I have a tendency to try to hit the driver too hard, which usually results in a hook or slice. Not that I get more distance than an easy swing, but I can swing this driver hard and the ball still travels true. So I’m quite happy with the purchase. Of course, my game will probably be different next time I play, but that’s the serendipitous nature of the sport.



On November 10, 2020 Kirk wrote: I just want to say, I love your clubs ! I have a full set and multiple extra clubs and putters ! There as good or better than the big names I’ve owned! Thanks Kirk
On June 29, 2020 MW wrote: I just wanna say I own your driver and your 5 wood and their 2 best clubs! I've ever owned I'm having A-blast with them I'm hitting the ball farther and more accurate than I ever have thank you. I stop playing golf 15 years ago and I just started out I'm on my 4th. round and I'm having a great time thank you
On June 27, 2020 Reese wrote: Pinemeadow,

I did receive my clubs! I am very happy with them so far. I've used them at the range twice and got to play two full rounds with them as well. Still trying to really dial them in and get more comfortable with them, but right off the bat I could notice a major difference between my old clubs and the Pinemeadow clubs. I am looking forward to receiving the sand and lob wedges that I ordered recently to complete my set!

Thank you for great customer service!

On June 25, 2020 Sean M. wrote: I love my new clubs. I'm 61 years old and I used to play competitively during my high school and college years. I pretty much stopped playing around the age of 30. I retired recently and wanted to start playing again with old friends but the combination of not playing, old clubs, and age had really taken a toll on my game. I just wasn't having much fun because I just wasn't really improving. I used to regularly shoot in the low to mid-70s in the old days but the best I could do were rounds in the mid-90s. I almost quit for good.

Then I decided to give it one more try. I worked on my swing and made some changes but I knew I needed newer clubs. I looked at the new name brand options and they were all really nice but way too expensive. I then found your company online and loved what I saw. I ordered a driver, 3-wood, and irons 5-sand wedge. They arrived well packed and timely and they looked great.

I played my first full round with them today and shot a 77. That was pretty unbelievable considering what I had grown used to scoring. I'm sure that won't happen every time I go play (at least in the beginning) but I now feel like I want to play again as often as I can get to the course. I was able to pick out my choice, decide what kind of shaft I preferred, what length I wanted, and what grips I liked. The price was very affordable and just couldn't be more pleased!

Keep up the good work and I'll be telling my friends about what a great experience I had with your company.

I may be placing more orders in the future.

On June 16, 2020 Blair B. wrote: I bought my first Pinemeadow driver back in '96 when I worked at OMSI down the street from your offices. It hit like a dream. Now I'm 62 and last year my golf bud convinced me to get rid of my blades. He's sorry he did!

I purchased a pre-owned set of PGX 5-PW with graphite and medium grips, rounded it out with a RealTree driver ( lots of double-takes), Excel 3 and 5 metals and Pinemeadow sand wedge and just this week, a 52-degree PGX wedge.

I'm hitting it like I did when I was 17 and in the first weeks of this season shaved 5 strokes off my handicap. Your clubs are of the highest quality and really can improve a game. Your customer service, ordering and delivery process is simple and straightforward and the options offered on custom clubs would satisfy anyone. Thanks for giving golfers your level of quality at a very fair price.