What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On July 16, 2018 Joe wrote: Yes the clubs delivered and I’ve played twice with them already. Very happy with the product and so far have done what I wanted them to do. I have also passed on your web site to some of my playing buddies because they have inquired about them. Will be back when I need more done. Thank you Joe
On July 05, 2018 wrote: I'm 5'8" and 60 y.o. with an 18 handicap... Always thought standard clubs uncomfortable but was never really sure how much it mattered. I accidentally broke my driver and ordered a replacement from you. I used the fitting tool... Got a 1" shorter shaft that is more flexible and it worked so well I decided to get a full set fitted the same way. Played a full round yesterday and shot 83... My best score ever!

On June 04, 2018 Jeremy wrote: The clubs have been great, I’ve played with them twice and went to the range twice as well, very comfortable feel and sharp looking. The update emails from your team were very helpful to keep me in the loop and have a good idea of when my clubs would arrive. I am very please with my purchase and I will definitely recommend Pinemeadow whenever I get the chance. All of my friends have bought from Pinemeadow and gave me the recommendation, I am very happy they did. Thank you for a great buying experience.
On March 21, 2018 Max wrote: Yes, I received the clubs and they are actually even better than I expected. Last fall I purchased a left-handed set of clubs from you and can honestly say that you consistently go beyond great customer service.

The left handed set and this most recent set were gifts to two of my Grandsons. I have six in total so I plan to continue to shop at PinemeadowGolf.com. Thanks again for the great bargains and service!

On December 04, 2017 George wrote: Hi Tom, thank you for the follow up. This is my second purchase from you guys and your customer service is outstanding. Great on keeping the customer informed on each step of the ordering and shipping process. I appreciate your follow up to make sure everything is satisfactory.

Have not had a chance to use my driver but i can see that it is of great quality. I will definitely be ordering anything i need golf related in the future from Pinemeadow Golf. Thanks

On December 01, 2017 wrote: Thank you so much for your very professional service in handling of this order. Your product line is one of the best I've ever played and virtually have played them all. Materials and workmanship are five star. I look forward to promoting your club line and your service. Loyal customer - M.A.
On August 14, 2017 Troy wrote: Thanks for the follow up. Very impressed with your customer service and will be buying a wedge from Pinemeadow very soon. Pleased with the clubs especially the 3 wood and PGX putter. Keep up the A+ customer service and great product at an affordable price.

On February 14, 2017 Rita wrote: Got the clubs and have played with them. I believe they go the distance I've been looking for.

I like them. I'll be using them often, so the more I use them, the more I'll be comfortable with them.

I will keep your company in mind should I decide to make changes. Thank you for following

up with me.

Pine Meadows is truly a top notch professional company from all the information provided on your website and from the emails I've received.

On October 10, 2016 wrote: Yes, my clubs arrived just as scheduled and were in great condition. I have had the opportunity to spend about an hour on the range and play one round with them and can say without reservation that I believe my game will improve as I become accustomed to them. I noticed straight away at the range that the scatter pattern with them is much less than with my 1999 Calloway X-12s. The "sweet spot" also seems more generous.

I play regularly on a Robert Trent Jones, Jr. course in western North Carolina where there are virtually no flat lies. I felt during the first round with the PREs most of my difficulties could be related to dealing with that and the necessary swing path difference from my previous clubs.

The look and the feel of the clubs are very nice. I may opt for larger grips at some point, as some playing partners in our "over 60" group have suggested, but I wanted to try out the standard ones first.

All in all I'm a very satisfied customer so far.

Thanks for the great system your Team has for choosing clubs online and the great customer service so far. I have every confidence that I made the right decision for me and have no regrets that I chose to stay away from the "higher" priced clubs.



On September 12, 2016 David wrote: I recently received my new gpx putter and I am very happy to say I would recommend this putter to any golfer who wants to save some strokes on their next round. I was very much impressed with the craftsmanship, style and value of this putter. In my most recent golf tournament I saved 4 strokes compared to my odyssey 2 ball white ice putter. Its my bag to stay and I have generated interest from my fellow golfers about purchasing one fro themselves.

I will continue to educate my membership at my golf course on what a excellent deal this is.

Thanks: david